Business Area
Scmooth is an exciting product startup whose array of offerings lies at the intersection of Supply Chain Management and IT. We blend IT into Supply Chain Management to integrate the supply and demand management within and across companies. more
Scmooth is a unique place to work, for the following reasons:
Topnotch, accomplished promoter team with proven track record.
Fully funded venture.
Comprehensive domain knowledge in Indian and global markets.
Focus on world-class technology and innovation.
Among the select supply chain IT product players in India.
Harnessing IT to domain knowledge of more than 110 years; a unique amalgam seldom seen in IT startups anywhere in the world.
Total people focus: systematic training and growth opportunities.
A rare opportunity to evolve as a domain expert in a rewarding field.
Our Vision
"To lead the empowerment of end-users worldwide, by creating best-in-class, user-driven, globally-adaptive supply chain information & knowledge products, through an unwavering organizational commitment to our people, to stakeholder value, and to technology,knowledge & business process-innovation."
Our Philosophy
The challenges and values that drive us:
To build products that have widespread end-user utility with proven track record.
To innovate constantly
To exceed customer expectations
Pursuit of excellence
Integrity and transparency
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